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Sriram Ganeshan

City College of NY and CUNY Graduate Center

Strongly correlated electron systems, quantum chaos and thermalization, topological phases of matter, and fluid dynamics

Peter P. Orth

Iowa State University

Electronic properties of strongly correlated quantum materials with a focus on non-equilibrium dynamics

Boris Altshuler

Columbia University

Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

James C. Phillips

University of Chicago

Semiconductor and superconductor physicist

Gergely Zaránd

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Non-Equilibrium Quantum Physics, Strong Correlations

Alexei Tsvelik

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Strongly correlated systems, low dimensional magnetism, superconductivity. Integrable systems.

Anuradha Jagannathan

Université Paris-Sud and Laboratory of Solid State Physics (LPS)

Magnetic and electrical behavior of complex solids, such as: spin glasses, random networks as in gels, and quasicrystals

Donald R. Hamann

Mat-Sim Research LLC

Currently interested in optimized multi-projector norm-conserving pseudopotentials

Lara Faoro

Laboratory of Theoretical and High Energy Physics (LPTHE)