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Daniel Cerkoney

Grad Student

I am a student in Prof. Gabriel Kotliar’s group. My research interests center on many-body perturbative techniques and their application to electronic structure calculations, with a particular emphasis on diagrammatic Monte-Carlo methods.

Victor Drouin-Touchette

Grad Student

My interests are in analytical and numerical approaches to unconventional superconductors and frustrated magnets.

Pradip Kattel

Grad Student

I am interested in applying various exact analytical techniques to explore the physics of strongly correlated systems and out of equilibrium many-body systems.

Ghanashyam Khanal

Grad Student

Under the supervision of Prof. Kristjan Haule, Ghanashyam is solving various correlated electrons problems. He uses different computational methods to tackle physics problems arising from strong electron-electron interaction including iron based superconductors and topological materials.

Liam L.H. Lau

Grad Student

I am a graduate student working with Prof. Piers Coleman and Prof. Ananda Roy. My research interest lies in the area of strongly correlated quantum many-body systems and its intersection with quantum information science, motivated by the advances in experimental capabilities in both the solid-state and in quantum simulation. In general, I’m interested in studying

Aaditya Panigrahi

Grad Student

I am interested in understanding novel patterns of fractionalization that can occur in Strongly Correlated Systems such as Unconventional Superconductors and Frustrated Magnets.

Parameshwar R. Pasnoori

Grad Student

I am interested in exploring novel phenomena and quantum phase transitions in strongly correlated systems. I use a combination of exact analytical and computational techniques.

Shang Ren

Grad Student

I am a Ph.D. student working with Prof. David Vanderbilt at Rutgers University. My research interest is mainly about topological quantum matters, including both model systems and real materials. I am particularly interested in the application of Berry phases and Wannier functions in solids.

Daniel Seleznev

Grad Student

My interests lie in the application and development of computational techniques to facilitate the prediction and classification of material realizations of topological phases. I am also interested in the theoretical classification and discovery of topological phases of matter, including both strongly correlated phases and non-interacting systems.

Angkun Wu

My current research focuses on strongly correlated systems with incommensurability and out-of-equilibrium quantum systems under the supervision of Prof. Jedediah H. Pixley. We utilize various numerical approaches as needed to study physical systems.