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New methods
new many-body methods

quantum materials
novel quantum materials

Novel Superconductors
novel superconductors

topological materials
topological materials

Quantum criticality
quantum criticality

Kondo materials
Kondo materials & heavy fermions

Welcome to the CMT at Rutgers University!

The Rutgers Center for Materials Theory (CMT) has been establish to enhance and promote the activities of the theoretical condensed matter physics group in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University.¬† The Center is comprised of ten faculty members and their associated research groups. A core component of the Center is the Abrahams Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, which offers highly qualified applicants the opportunity to pursue a flexible research program at the forefront of the field in collaboration with faculty members of their choosing. The Center also features a visitor’s program, develops and hosts workshops and conferences, maintains a cutting-edge high-performance computing cluster, and participates in the organization of the Condensed Matter Seminar series.