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Ahana Chakraborty


I work in the field of theoretical condensed matter physics and quantum optics. My research interests focus on non-equilibrium dynamics of quantum many body systems. I am broadly working on open

Umesh Kumar


I am interested in studying strongly correlated electrons. My focus primarily lies in using low-dimensional spin chain systems and Hubbard models to study quantum spin liquids and superconductivity. I develop

Yueqing Chang


Yueqing primarily works on first-principles calculations for condensed matter systems with strong correlations. Her research interests focus on developing methods to systematically derive renormalized model Hamiltonians from highly accurate many-body

Saikat Banerjee

As a condensed matter physicist, my primary focus lies in the exploration of strongly correlated systems. These encompass a diverse range of materials, such as high-temperature cuprate superconductors, magnetic Mott

Daniel Kaplan

My research is focused on identifying exotic states of matter using transport and optical probes. I am working on correlated electronic systems, topological materials, superconductors and magnetic materials. I combine

Haining Pan

My research interests focus on various topics in condensed matter theory and quantum information. My past work encompasses topological quantum computing, twisted bilayer systems, and the application of machine learning

Andrea Urru

I am interested in understanding and predict, by means of symmetry arguments and first-principles techniques, effects originating from the cross-coupling of magnetic and electric degrees of freedom in multiferroic materials.